1. Don’t sacrifice your life for someone else’s idea of success.

1. 勿为他人成功而牺牲生活。

2. Find what you love, trust in your instincts, and follow your heart.

2. 找寻所爱,相信直觉,随心所想。

3. Change your thoughts to change your world.

3.  转换思想,改变世界。

4. Be honest, be tolerant, and lead a life you are pround of.

4. 诚实,宽容,过引以为傲的生活。

5. Genius is found in simplicity.

5. 简单至极,便是天才。

6. Short consistent steps in a positive direction will eventually lead you to victory.

6. 踽行不止,终成大道。

7. Laughter and happiness can be contagious.

7. 笑声和快乐能感染他人。

8. Genuine kindness and hope exists in humanity.

8. 友善、希望,长存人性。

9.  It’s up to you. Take the first step. Do it.

9.  自己做主,迈出一步,去尝试。

10.  You may fail several times before you succeed. So always be aware, and learn from your mistakes.

10. 成功之前,可能失败。时常自省,吸取教训。

11. Fear is a short-term fix. Love is a long-term solution.

11. 恐惧是短暂的困境,爱才是长久之法。

12. No disability is an excuse for not trying.

12. 残障不是不努力的借口。

13. In order to succeed, you must be willing to fail.

13. 成功者须乐于接受失败。

14. Everyone has a gift, it just needs to be found and unleashed.

14. 人有天赋,仅待发掘。

15.  Practice DOES make perfect.

15. 熟能生巧(业精于勤)。

16. There is no greater gift than that of freedom.

16. 自由至上。

17. The secret to personal success is personal passion.

17. 成功秘诀在于酷爱。

18. Great things can be achieved if we work together.

18. 众人一心成大业。

19. You must answer certain questions for yourself if you are to realize your dreams.

19. 想实现梦想,得立足于实际。

20. Small miracles can occur.

20. 奇迹再小也能有。

21. A big heart and a little persistance goes a long way.

21. 胸怀宽阔之人,藉由些许坚持,走得长远。

22. One extra degree of effort is the difference between good and great.

22. 努力的程度决定了优秀与卓越。

23. When you truly strive to be the best you can be, you are a winner regardless of what the scoreboard reads.

23. 无论输赢,力求最好即为胜利。

24. Never quit. You are probably closer than you think.

24. 永不言弃。走的路将比想的更远。

25. The first step is believing.

25. 相信是基础。

26. Passion and determination can allow anyone to overcome their physical limitations.

26. 激情与决心能让人克服自身不足。

27.  It is possible to start an empire with nothing more than a dream.


28. There are sincere human beings in law enforcement who truly want to help you.

28. 执法人中有真诚助人之人。

29. No matter how hopeless it seems, never give up!

29. 无论希望多渺茫,永不放弃。

30. You cannot judge someone’s talents just by looking at them.

30. 才能不由外貌决定。

31. The health of your body is equally important as the health of your mind.

31. 身心健康,缺一不可。

32. Sometimes all someone needs is to be given a chance.

32. 有时,人们需要的只是一个机会。

33. Tragedies can open new doors of vision.

33. 不幸能开启另一扇窗。